Monday, April 18, 2016

WIP Portfolio Piece!

 I started with basic geometry in maya to get the general proportions out of the way. Starting like this allowed me to get a lot of the UVing out of the way early and get base textures ready.

 I moved on to sculpting the body to get my normal maps for the game res mesh.

And here's the normal maps, basic materials, and textures combined.

The last piece I worked on was her face. Since it wasn't crucial to the mesh needed for the game I had the luxury of working this out last. Trying to match the Gigantic style was a lot harder than I anticipated, but oddly enough the aesthetics aligned with my own so it wasn't far outside my comfort zone.

From this point on I will be tweaking the game res to match the high res a little better and reducing the poly count to something a little more manageable, working out how Gigantic accomplished their texture maps, and furthering my sculpt to be portfolio ready.

OH and HAIR!
I'd really like to figure out some hair for her.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2D3D Semester 2 Final Project

 For my final 2D3D project of the semester I will be modeling our main character for LeyLines along with her bow. We have a pretty good idea of the general body, but I will definitely have to work out the face during this process. Our Influences include traditional comic work and the work featured in Gigantic.

 From Gigantic I wanted to pull the stylized proportions and the aesthetic of the model. We are also sticking with a more cel-shaded look to further represent the comics we originally drew inspiration from.
I did also look at Overwatch as an example since I loved the chunky style in which the hair was created.